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The Sheezy is Down

2007-07-19 22:21:47 by KKyuubi

So, I'll just post this here instead...

Today, I got to be king for an hour on a Clock Crew IRC channel, but how?

It's an interesting story, I was on the Clock Crew's IRC channels (which are located on the Webchat network.). The server suddenly got disconnected and Miranda wouldn't reconnect. I rejoined with a different client and it worked, but what I got when I re-entered the #clockcrew channel, was just amazing.

There was NO ONE THERE. AT ALL. There was no topic, and I WAS AN OP! It was like all the channels on Webchat got wiped off the face of the earth, and turned into a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world! Since I was the first one there (since everyone "left"), I was automatically an op. I could kick people out (specifically, I kicked out a mysterious "DokDok" with the reason being "I am a superstar and I don't care who you are", a reference to some song from some CC autoplay), I could ban people for life, I could change the topic, I could do almost anything!

I had total control of #clockcrew on Webchat's Pioneer server...until merged back in, some people came back (like GingerBread
and _roy, this other "op" that joined a #clockcrew on arena), Nickserv reactivated (and since some stupid person who hates me registered iidxclock just for fun, I had to revert to iidx), I lost my op on #clockcrew after a few minutes (although it did get converted to voice), and it's starting to get back to normal. They were doing server upgrades, and the whole "network" got split. When you sign into, it randomly sends you to a different server, that's how we were in two different places at once!

Was fun, while it lasted though.


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2007-08-06 15:59:03

THAT IS AWESOME. Kinda like the first time I banned somone on a forum.


2007-08-08 15:29:43

thats coo


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