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Project Groovegrounds

2007-11-27 18:32:06 by KKyuubi

I am about to start work on a big project for ya'llz to enjoy:

A Newgrounds Dance Game. With AP music. BUT, not in Flash. I'm talkin' Stepmania-based here.

I plan on ratting out close to 50 songs, complete with a NG styled theme, full artwork for each song, a custom installer, and it's going to be 5-panel PIU style, not 4-panel DDR style!

If you wanna help with the stepcharts, or anything else, stay tuned. I may start a blog and all that for the management for this project.



Also, TunnelTrax 2nd Mix is coming soon.

So here's a new short from me for the occassion

Not sponsored by Silver Shamrock Novleites Inc.


2007-09-22 20:11:00 by KKyuubi

55555 it time, you know what to do.


The CC presents: PSA Day!

2007-09-11 14:50:27 by KKyuubi

Today, from 3pm to 6pm EST, the Clock Crew presents PSA Day, a fun series of flash creations by our members all with their own little lessons! Pay attention everyone, you may just learn something today!

(don't worry, I don't think it will be as bad as the duck.fla flood, man that was still fun)

edit: MY FLASH

Alive Collab (As Seen on Front Page)
The Gambit

Watch, Vote 5, Enjoy!

Double your pleasure

2007-08-14 14:10:47 by KKyuubi

Stay tuned tommorow on Clock Day, as I have 2 BRAND NEW AND POSSIBLY EXCELLENT movies waiting for you. Yes, not 2 little shorts, but 2 BIG MOVIES! We've got "The Gambit", an adaptation of a story written by someone on Sheezyart, and I've got the Alive collab too, featuring some new faces and old friends!

The Sheezy is Down

2007-07-19 22:21:47 by KKyuubi

So, I'll just post this here instead...

Today, I got to be king for an hour on a Clock Crew IRC channel, but how?

It's an interesting story, I was on the Clock Crew's IRC channels (which are located on the Webchat network.). The server suddenly got disconnected and Miranda wouldn't reconnect. I rejoined with a different client and it worked, but what I got when I re-entered the #clockcrew channel, was just amazing.

There was NO ONE THERE. AT ALL. There was no topic, and I WAS AN OP! It was like all the channels on Webchat got wiped off the face of the earth, and turned into a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world! Since I was the first one there (since everyone "left"), I was automatically an op. I could kick people out (specifically, I kicked out a mysterious "DokDok" with the reason being "I am a superstar and I don't care who you are", a reference to some song from some CC autoplay), I could ban people for life, I could change the topic, I could do almost anything!

I had total control of #clockcrew on Webchat's Pioneer server...until merged back in, some people came back (like GingerBread
and _roy, this other "op" that joined a #clockcrew on arena), Nickserv reactivated (and since some stupid person who hates me registered iidxclock just for fun, I had to revert to iidx), I lost my op on #clockcrew after a few minutes (although it did get converted to voice), and it's starting to get back to normal. They were doing server upgrades, and the whole "network" got split. When you sign into, it randomly sends you to a different server, that's how we were in two different places at once!

Was fun, while it lasted though.

Welcome to my Blog-like Area

2007-07-17 18:09:04 by KKyuubi

I may actually post stuff here, but if you want more art, stuff, and a blog that I'm actually keeping updated, please visit my Sheezyart page instead, since I may be barely doing anything here.